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You need to download mIRC to get into the South Park chat rooms. If you do not know how to use mIRC, follow our walkthrough to get into the channels. In the channels you will find XDCC Servers which serve the latest episodes. There is also news updates and what not, and occasional talk about South Park.

Channel Network Popular Servers

1. Launch mIRC and you will be shown the window below. Fill it in with information similar to the information I have put into the boxes in the screen shot. Do not put in your real full name or your real email address unless you really want to. Doesnt make much sense to do so though. Once you have put the information in, click 'OK'

2. When you are at the console screen, type in '/server irc.easynews.com' without the quotes and hit enter. If this server does not work, choose one of the servers from the table at the top of this page. One of them is bound to work. When you get connected to the IRC server, a window will popup. If you fill in the top box with '#southpark' without the quotes, and click 'OK' you will be in the South Park chatroom. If the window does not pop up for you, type into the console '/join #southpark'. This will get you there as well. Once you are in the channel you can ask for further assistance on getting episodes, or the rules of the channel.